Bears News: Justin Jones slams Packers:

Bears News: Justin Jones slams Packers: "Their fans are really shi**y"

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Chicago Bears defensive tackle Justin Jones was part of media availability on Tuesday, and he didn't hold back on several subjects regarding the rival Packers.

Jones was asked how the rivalry would be different without signal-caller Aaron Rodgers no longer with Green Bay.

"I wish he played one more year with the Green Bay, honestly. We went up there, and we played a pretty good game, but they got away from us at the end, obviously and they won but their fans are really shitty."

"So yeah, I wanted to go back up there, and I wanted to play them, and I wanted to beat them, and I wanted him to be there so he can see it. But the fact that he's gone now, I mean, it's cool. I guess it's better for him not to be here.

Jones is confident that the time is now for the Bears.

"Yeah, man, I'm ready to take it over. I mean, it's a good time to be a Bears fan. I'm not even gonna lie to you."

A reporter followed up with Jones and asked how the Packers fans were so shi***?

"Just the way that they're just freaking obnoxious," Jones said. "Just yelling and all that other stuff about things that don't even matter. Like, we're not even running a play, and you guys are talking about, boo, yeah, go green. Like, what are we even talking about? The game hasn't even started yet. Like, what are we even talking about here? Half of them don't even know football. It's so weird to me. But I'm just ready to go back out there and play. And I wanna go out there, and I wanna beat the hell out of them on their field. And I wanna hear the boos, then. That's what I look forward to."

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