Bears News: Odunze says Waldron’s offensive is explosive, creates versatility
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Bears News: Odunze says Waldron’s offensive is explosive, creates versatility

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CHICAGO - Drafting wide receiver Rome Odunze with the No. 9 overall pick was the smartest thing Chicago could have done with that selection. With a rookie quarterback in Caleb Williams, the Bears gave him perhaps the best receiver room in the NFL with Odunze, DJ Moore, and Keenan Allen.

A quarterback's chemistry with his receivers is essential, and the rookie minicamp offers the perfect opportunity for Williams and Odunze to develop that chemistry.

“It takes time and reps to continue to build that connection with any quarterback and within the offense,” Odunze said. “So, gaining that comfortability with one another, going through those reps and talking through things and trying to get feedback on what each (other’s) thinking on each and every play, I think is pivotal too.”

Both players came from PAC-12 teams and had the chance to play each other last season. While Washington would beat Williams and USC, Williams put up 312 passing yards and three touchdowns, along with a rushing touchdown.

Odunze was incredibly impressed with what he saw in that game and Williams’ generational ability.

“He’s very talented. I got to see that when I was playing against him in college. It’s really effortless for him. He can do a lot of things that other quarterbacks may think is hard effortlessly, and he continues to improve every time I see him, and he’s very smooth. He can throw the ball from any angle, body position, anywhere on the field to any spot on the field,” Odunze said. “So, you always have to be ready, always have to be prepared anytime he’s in the backfield. So, it gives you the confidence that he’s going to put it on you when you’re giving him your best on the route.”

Chicago has many changes going into the 2024 season. They have a new quarterback, receivers, running back, tight end, and offensive coordinator. The addition of offensive coordinator Shane Waldron should be key to all of the skill players working cohesively and making Chicago one of the most dangerous offenses in the league.

As a rookie, Odunze is already impressed with what he is seeing in Waldron’s offensive scheme.

“I think it’s explosive,” Odunze said. “It’s very pro-style, allows you to have deep shots, intermediate shots, short passes, quick game, all the aspects of an offensive that I think you need to have versatility and have success to keep the defense on their toes.”

With Odunze, Moore, and Allen, it is unclear who the No. 1 receiver is in Chicago. That is part of why Moore said in an interview with Kay Adams that it will be a race to 1,000 yards among the Chicago receivers. Odunze likes a competitive environment like the one with the Bears, where all of the receivers are so talented that it is unclear who will reach 1,000 yards first.

However, he is a team player and is always rooting for his teammates to succeed.

“It’s a very competitive environment. For me, the mindset I think I want in a wide receiver room is everybody to think they’re wide receiver one, and that’s the mindset that I bring to a wide receiver room, and it’s a friendly competition,” Odunze said. “At the end of the day, I want the best for the brother beside me, and I’m going to run every route and do every concept to perfection even if I’m the main reader, they’re the main reader because I think that’s what it’s about when concerning a brotherhood within the room.”

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