Commentary: Bring back Mitch Trubisky
Trubisky celebrates a touchdown (Quinn Harris - USA Today Sports)

Commentary: Bring back Mitch Trubisky

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When the Bears game against the Vikings was finishing up, there was a general sense of concern for quarterback Nick Foles — who was carted off with an unknown lower-body injury.

Obviously, the health and safety of Foles is most important, but the Bears' offense has been even worse than before since Foles took over. With Mitchell Trubisky set to be eligible to return from injury after the Bears' bye week in week 11, this may be the perfect time for the Bears to switch back to number 10.

Two things seem apparent. The Bears were never going to back to Trubisky unless Foles got hurt — if they haven’t done it yet, when would they ever.. it can’t get much worse. The other thing is that it is clear the Bears are not a better offensive team with Foles at quarterback, nor are they a better offense without Nagy calling plays.

However, Nagy announced two things when he met with the media Tuesday. The first is in regard to Foles’ injury — that it is a hip pointer injury and a glute injury, but it doesn’t appear any fractures occurred. He has no designation for the Packers game yet. On the topic of Trubisky, Nagy said getting him involved was something that has been discussed and that the fourth-year player has been progressing well with his injury.

But Foles’ injury gives the Bears an easy way out of this. They do not need to face the scrutiny of switching back, but instead, they will be making the move that is better for the team without controversy.

Foles’ lack of mobility and knowledge of the offense has led to immense confusion on the field, many sacks, turnovers, and much fewer first downs. It has been written and broadcasted numerous times as the Bears offensive numbers have been much better with Trubisky under center.

Not to mention, since Foles took over the Bears' starting job in week four, the Bears rank just barely ahead of the Jets in most major offensive categories.

Trubisky under center gives a young quarterback who was benched a chance to prove himself. It also gives the Bears a quarterback who is more comfortable in the Bears’ offense — a quarterback who was 2-0 as a starter before getting pulled and sits with a 21-10 record with Nagy as his head coach.

Not to mention, Trubisky’s legs add a dimension to this offense that has been obviously missing and desperately needed to extend plays, aid the run game, execute play-action, and overall just score points. Trubisky has also been documented to be working extremely hard to learn the offense better, learn from Foles, and prepare for another crack at the job.

Numerous analysts and writers have said the switch back to Trubisky is due, and the injury to Foles gives the Bears an excellent chance to make the switch — and potentially begin a playoff run.

Here is Trubisky’s record under Matt Nagy against the remaining opponents:

Packers 2x: 1-3

Vikings: 4-0

Lions: 4-0

And here is the records of the other teams the Bears play this year:

Jaguars: 1-7

Texans: 2-8


Bring back 10.

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