Three Takeaways from Bears blowout loss to Chiefs
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Three Takeaways from Bears blowout loss to Chiefs

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Anytime you lose a game 41-10, including being down 34-0 at the half and 41-0 at one point, it is hard to find any positives about the game. The bottom line is that the Bears were completely overmatched on Sunday, and the bad thing about it is they have looked overmatched all season, apart from some early success against the Packers.

Losers of 13 straight games, Chicago last won on a Thursday night against the New England Patriots and is approaching a year since they have last won a game. With the winless Denver Broncos looming next week, this may be the Bears' best chance to win a game for a while as the pressure is starting to mound in Chicago.

Although Sunday was ugly, it gave the fans something to discuss at work. Granted, most of the talk was negative, and rightfully so, but the Bears do need a ton of help right now, and that help may not be coming for quite some time.

Here are some takeaways from the game:

Changes need to be made

Anytime you hear the words changes need to be made, you immediately think it is the players that we are talking about. Instead, I want to talk about the coaching staff as they are not only in shambles, but need to make some changes. Luke Getsy has proven he isn't a very good game caller, and it has shown since he started to call the plays last season. If the Bears offense wants to improve, they may need to move on from Getsy or, at the very least, come up with a new scheme to make life easier.

You also had defensive coordinator Alan Williams resign on Wednesday, thus handing the play-calling duties over to Head Coach Matt Eberflus, which hasn't worked out so far. When you look at this coaching staff, it feels like they are in way over their heads and have no idea what to do. Normally, I would point to the players if that were the case, but the front office is to blame on this one as they were the ones that hired the staff, and many of them are in new roles for the first time.

If the Bears want to salvage this season, changes need to be made from the top down. They need to get some leaders and experience within this organization to help turn things around; otherwise, it will be more of the same for the foreseeable future.

Matt Nagy gets the last laugh

Remember when Matt Nagy was the head coach of the Bears, only to be fired after four seasons and two playoff berths? Some fans may want him back after what they have witnessed the past two seasons, as Nagy at least had this team competitive during his entire tenure.

After being let go by the Bears, Nagy returned to the Kansas City Chiefs and reunited with Andy Reid on the offensive side of the ball. Formally the QB coach during Patrick Mahomes rookie season, Nagy has been promoted to the offensive coordinator this season and is now calling the plays alongside Reid.

Ultimately, Reid still has the final say in how this offense looks, but Nagy is impacting the Chiefs offense, and after a rough first two weeks, they started to look like the Chiefs of old yesterday. Nagy may not be head coach material, but when it comes to an offensive mind, he is one of the best in the game, and Reid has gone on record to say that numerous times. Considering how his tenure with the Bears ended, this had to feel good for him, knowing he got the last laugh in this one.

Justin Fields is playing terrible

Remember when Justin Fields said he was playing so badly because he felt he was playing robotic? Yeah, if playing robotic is what made him struggle the first two games, what do you call yesterday? Fields went on record to say he would start playing the way he feels comfortable: playing free and doing what he needs to do to win.

Instead, he puts up his worst performance of the season, which is not sitting well with many fans. After saying being a pocket passer was the reason you struggled and having every opportunity to prove that you could make things happen if you leave the pocket, you then go out and have a game like this. Fields is starting to look like a bust, and while some of it is on the coaching staff and how they have developed him, he needs to shoulder the blame.

Across from him, you have a guy named Mahomes, who the Bears passed on during the 2017 NFL draft. Mahomes is the definition of an NFL QB, and he continues to show the Bears what could have been had they drafted him. Granted, he may not be the same player he is with Kansas City had the Bears drafted him, but at the very worst, he would be the better option than what they have now, as this team is in crisis mode at the moment.

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