NFL Power Rankings: Bears move up after impressive win
Trubisky and Co. got a big win last Sunday (Quinn Harris - USA Today Sports)

NFL Power Rankings: Bears move up after impressive win

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We at BearsHQ would love to deliver our Week 15 NFL Power Rankings after a fun and wild week 14.

We decided to explain the top 15:

1. Chiefs 12-1 - The reigning Super Bowl champions have stayed steady with the top spot in our rankings. After a tough win over the Panthers, the Chiefs continue to rattle off wins and look to be the cream of the crop in the AFC. A strong comeback against the Raiders and domination of the Bucs and Broncos solidifies this choice. A win over the Dolphins gives the Chiefs the AFC’s top spot.

2. Packers 10-3 - The Packers quietly went 13-3 last season and started off year 2 of the Matt Lafleur era with a bang and a 10-3 record to show for it. It was a little too close for comfort against the Jaguars, but a win is a win for Green Bay. They’re exciting but beatable — though they’ve looked dominant over the last few weeks.

3. Bills 10-3 - The AFC East is finally for the taking, and the Bills look primed to take it. Looking stay hot, the Bills lost a heartbreaker on a Hail Mary play against Arizona. Otherwise, the Bills have been one of the best teams in football as of late and proved it when they thumped the Steelers.

4. Saints 10-3 - After losing in the postseason in heartbreaking fashion three years in a row, Drew Brees resigned with one goal in mind: a Lombardi Trophy. Unfortunately, that road to a Super Bowl hits a bump with Drew Brees sidelined. The Saints’ nine-game winning streak came to an end against the Eagles, and they desperately need their future Hall of Famer back.

5. Rams 9-4 - In a year where the Rams were expected to take a step back after losing many pieces after last year, the Rams have turned heads in 13 weeks. The Rams have swept the NFC EAST and lost to the Bills, 49ers, and Miami. These Rams have also whooped the Bears, gave the Seahawks a loss, and beat Brady and the Bucs. The rams are really looking complete as of late, or so we thought before the 49ers beat them. But a rebound against the Cardinals and New England leaves them in first in the West.

6. Titans 9-4 - A year after making the AFC Championship, the Titans looked poised to take advantage of a division that has lacked a true contender. Tennessee retained Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry, which was their bread and butter down the stretch. The Titans have had a few tough weeks and got a much-needed victory over the Ravens and followed it up with a huge win over the Colts. They followed that up with a bad performance against the Browns — it's been up and down for Tennessee. But the ups (Derrick Henry) makes them a top 6 team.

7. Seahawks 9-4 - Russell Willson and the Seahawks had lost three of four games and desperately needed a win against the Cardinals — and Russell delivered. Wilson has solidified himself as an MVP candidate but hasn’t gotten enough help as of late. The Seahawks are pass rush is coming around, and this team looks more complete every game — or so we thought before they lost to the Giants. A nice rebound over the Jets gives them top-7 status.

8. Ravens 7-5- Baltimore sits at 8-5 after a tough loss in a monsoon against the Patriots, an overtime loss to Tennessee and a five-point loss to Pittsburgh without many starters due to Covid, a rebound win over the Cowboys — and a gritty win over the Browns. The Ravens are looking back to form and back on track as the playoffs approach.

9. Steelers 11-2 - The Steelers have looked beatable lately, and they finally took their first loss to the Washington Football team. Now, the Bills handed them their second loss. Steelers are still good but falling fast.

10. Colts 9-4 - The Colts were in our initial top 15 heading into the year, but a loss at the Jaguars' hands dropped them out of it. The Colts have been up and down this year, but a strong win over the Titans on Thursday Night Football and then beating the Packers was enough to raise them, but they were then destroyed by the Titans. A nice rebound over the Texans, and now Raiders keeps the Colts in our top ten.

11. Browns 9-4 - The Browns’ now sit at 9-4 after a tough loss against the Ravens. They have struggled against their own division, but they know their identity and are certainly a playoff team — and not one I would like to play.

12. Buccaneers 8-5 - A team with tons of expectations is has struggled to live up to them lately. With all of the weapons this team has, the offense has struggled against the Giants and looked terrible against the Saints on Sunday. The Bucs rebounded with a dominant defeat of the Panthers but was then beat by both the Rams and the Chiefs. Off the bye, the Bucs beat the Vikings, but I wasn’t convinced.

13. Dolphins 8-5 - Whether it's Ryan Fitzpatrick or Tua Tagovailoa, the Miami Dolphins continue to win games. The Dolphins are in every game, and have destroyed the 49ers and the Rams now, and beat the Cardinals and Chargers. Do not sleep on the rebuilding Dolphins, even though they came back to life a bit with a loss to the Broncos, because they rebounded with a nice win over the Jets. This past week a loss to the Chiefs drops them a bit.

14. Cardinals 7-6 - The Cardinals are back in our top 15 after a strong win over the up-and-coming Giants. The Cardinals’ offense got back on track and hope to keep it up as they approach the playoffs and attempt to hold the final Wild Card spot in the NFC.

15. Football Team 6-7 - Washington now has a tight grip on the NFC East and some of the most impressive wins we’ve seen. This team is gritty, led by Alex Smith, and has one of the best front sevens in football. Somehow, they keep getting it done.

The Rest:

16. Raiders 7-6

17. Giants 5-8

18. Vikings 6-7

19. Patriots 6-7

20. 49ers 5-8

21. Bears 6-7

22. Eagles 4-8-1

23. Broncos 5-8

24. Lions 5-8

25. Chargers 4-9

26. Texans 4-9

27. Falcons 4-9

28. Panthers 4-9

29. Cowboys 4-9

30. Bengals 2-10-1

31. Jaguars 1-12

32. Jets 0-13

Keep an eye out as we will periodically update these rankings during the season.

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