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Bears News: Colin Cowherd calls Justin Fields "a bust"

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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields recently got the Internet stirred up when he answered honestly to a question that he believed he was a top-five running quarterback in NFL history.

Obviously, since he is such a young signal-caller, that were going to be some national media pundits that would disagree.

Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd isn't a huge fan of Fields and called him "a bust" during his latest show.

I think of all the quarterbacks in the NFL with the most pressure, it’s not on Dak, it’s on Justin Fields," Cowherd said. "For years and years when I criticized Baker Mayfield, many of you confused ‘ego’ for ‘confidence’. I thought Baker had too much ego. I thought Johnny Manziel had too much ego. You say ‘I LOVE MY QUARTERBACK TO BE CONFIDENT!’ Mahomes is, but he has self-awareness. Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson—they have confidence, I don’t see their ego. I don’t love this [Justin Fields saying he’s a top 5 running QB all-time] for a quarterback who is 5-20 and right now is closer to a bust than a star. Lamar is an MVP, Cam is an MVP, Vick is a four-time Pro Bowler, Steve Young is a Super Bowl winner, and Justin Fields is 5-20. I got a guy with a quarterback rating in the 70s, a guy that’s now hurt, and they ended last season with a ten-game losing streak. You know who else I would put in that list? Russell Wilson, you know, Super Bowl winner? If you’re a great running quarterback, you win games."

Cowherd needs the Bears to win more games before he becomes a believer in Fields as a franchise quarterback.

"I’ve always been 60/40 on if Justin Fields is going to succeed. I’m coming back 5% [after Fields’ comments]. I’m 55/45 he’s going to succeed. He lacks a little self-awareness. I know Chicago will go crazy but right now Justin Fields is a bust, he’s 5-20 with a ten-game losing streak, and with a passer rating in the 70s. Last year was he not easily the worst quarterback in that division? Wasn’t Aaron, wasn’t Goff, wasn’t Kirk Cousins. Right now he’s a YouTube quarterback, his highlights are great.”

Check out the video below:

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