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Jeffrey Becker - USA Today Sports

Bears News: Jaylon Johnson on potential QB Caleb Williams: "You gotta prove yourself"

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The Chicago Bears have traded away quarterback Justin Fields and now look like they are headed to a new era with USC quarterback Caleb Williams if all the mock drafts are correct.

Bears standout cornerback Jaylon Johnson was on the "Up and Adams with Kay Adams" show Wednesday and said that being a star in college doesn't mean much to veteran pros in the locker room.

"You just humble yourself coming into the building," Johnson told Adams. "You can't bring that Hollywood stuff into the building, especially with guys who have played the game at a high level for consecutive years- myself, Tremaine [Edmunds], TJ [Edwards], and Keenan Allen. We are going to see through that. What you did in college, the Hollywood, it's like no, you have to prove yourself. That stuff, like, that doesn't matter."

Johnson wants to understand Williams as a person and ensure that he helps turn his weaknesses into strengths.

"You gotta get to know him, too," Johnson said. "I think there's a fine line between trying to prove a point to him, but you also gotta get to know him. Because at the end of the day, we want him to be the absolute best he can be. That's what we're bringing him in for to win games. I think truly just learning who he is as a person and learning him deeper than all the Hollywood stuff you see, but actually trying to learn and get to know him and then knowing from there what pushes him. If it is trash talk, if trash talk makes him crumble, then I mean, I feel like we gotta push that button because people in the game, they're going to push that button. Depending on whatever it is that he needs to be pushed at, that's our job, and that's our duty as his teammates to make him better and strengthen his weaknesses."

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