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NFL analyst Chris Simms disses Justin Fields' throwing mechanics

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Chicago Bears hope that franchise quarterback Justin Fields will take the next step in his maturation process and throw for a ton of yards in 2023.

The organization is very high on him but some in the media think that Fields might not ever be a decent pocket passer throwing the ball.

NFL analyst and ex-NFL journeyman quarterback Chris Simms is a critic of Fields' throwing motion, specifically his arm slot and overall mechanics.

Simms pointed out that Fields tends to rely too heavily on his arm, neglecting to use his body to generate power and accuracy, which leads to inconsistencies in his throws.

"The body has to be used with the arm. Sometimes, he's just a little too arm-ee altogether," Simms said.

Simms went on to say that Fields' arm slot is too high, meaning that he's throwing the ball from a position that's too close to his head, which makes it difficult for him to get enough torque and power behind his throws, leading to a lack of velocity and accuracy.

"Do I love his arm slot and the fact that we throw through the elbow?" Simms said. "No, I don't love that. Watch how he goes elbow, then it hinges up there like that. There are not a lot of great, great throwers in the history of football who threw the ball like that."

Simms believes that this is the year that Fields needs to show an improvement in throwing the football.

"We saw them run the ball. He does that at a very elite level," Simms said. "We love that because we thought it buys him enough time to grow in the passing department. This is the year where it's gotta grow. It's gotta be the next step up in that department as far as if the Bears want to be successful."

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