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Selected in the seventh round (250th overall) by the Bears in the 2021 NFL Draft

Tonga, a 6-4, 321-pounder, appeared in 50 games in four seasons at BYU, registering 130 tackles, 15.0 tackles-for-loss, 7.5 sacks, 12 pass breakups and two forced fumbles. Last season Tonga played in 11 games and recorded 36 tackles and 3.5 tackles-for-loss while establishing career highs with 3.5 sacks and five pass breakups.



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Khyiris Tonga FAQ

What NFL team drafted Khyiris Tonga? drafted Khyiris Tonga in
What year was Khyiris Tonga drafted by the ? Khyiris Tonga was drafted into the NFL in by the
What NFL team does Khyiris Tonga play for? Khyiris Tonga plays for the
Does Khyiris Tonga still play for the ? No, ${} does not currently play for the
What teams has Khyiris Tonga played for? Khyiris Tonga has played for the following college and NFL teams: Chicago Bears,
What round was Khyiris Tonga drafted into the NFL? Khyiris Tonga was drafted in the round of the NFL draft by the in
What pick was Khyiris Tonga in the NFL draft? Khyiris Tonga was the overall pick in the NFL draft by the
What is Khyiris Tonga's status in the NFL? Khyiris Tonga's NFL status is Gone
What position does Khyiris Tonga play for the Chicago Bears? Khyiris Tonga is a Defensive Line for the Chicago Bears
When did Khyiris Tonga join the Chicago Bears? 2021
What years did Khyiris Tonga play for the Chicago Bears? 2021
What is Khyiris Tonga's number at Bears? 95
Did Khyiris Tonga play for the Chicago Bears? Yes
How tall is Khyiris Tonga? Khyiris Tonga currently stands at 6-4
How much does Khyiris Tonga weigh? Khyiris Tonga currently weighs in at 338 pounds