Bears News: Potential Replacements for Luke Getsy
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Bears News: Potential Replacements for Luke Getsy

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With five games remaining for the Bears in 2023, it is almost time to focus on what could be an interesting offseason. While some people out there still want and expect Matt Eberflus to get fired, he should be safe for at least one more season, especially when you look at how the team is playing now, especially defensively after firing defensive coordinator Alan Williams.

However, one coach who may be out of a job could be the reason Eberflus stays, as Luke Getsy may be the scapegoat in this whole thing. Now in his second season as the Bears offensive coordinator, Getsy continues to make puzzling choices about his game plan and seems to need a grasp on this offense.

Coming from a Green Bay Packers team that was arguably the best offense in the league for years, Getsy was covered up by the mastery of Aaron Rodgers, and now he is getting exposed as a playcaller.

Getsy has no feel for this offense unless we talk about screen passes in which he may be the best at calling screens. With the Bears holding the No. 1 overall pick once again and the No. 4 pick in next year's draft, the expectation is they keep Justin Fields around and draft a guy like Marvin Harrison Jr to help Fields reach his potential. Even if they do that, Fields will never reach his potential if this is the scheme Getsy wants to run, and it may come time for Poles and Eberflus to let him go following the season.

It will be a great day in Chicago should that happen, but the Bears would then need to look for a new playcaller and one who is willing to let Fields be Fields and unlock his true potential. Several names come to mind when you look at the possible market, and Chris Foerster is one name that will get plenty of attention.

The current run game coordinator and offensive line coach for Kyle Shannahan and the San Francisco 49ers, Foerster has been a part of one of the greatest offensive masterminds the past few seasons and has helped the 49ers rushing attack reach new heights. Having guys like Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, and all-pro tackle Trent Williams will help with that, but he also knows what he does well and the team's strength. He would be able to come into Chicago with an innovative idea of how Shannahan did things and will drastically change the Bears offense in a hurry.

Speaking of run game coordinators, Jeff Stoutland is another option to replace Getsy at the end of the season, as he is currently enjoying his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. This could be the favorite right now, mainly because there is some chatter about Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson replacing Eberflus at the end of the season. If that were to happen, Stoutland would most likely be brought over as the OC in hopes of turning the Bears offense into a similar one that Philadelphia runs.

In his defense, Chicago has the personnel to do it, as Jalen Hurts and Fields are very similar in terms of what they can do on the field. The Bears also use a three-back system like the Eagles while having a go-to WR in DJ Moore. The most significant difference is the play of the offensive line up front, as the Eagles have the best Offensive line in football. Stoutland is the main reason, and adding him to Chicago would work wonders for this team.

If the Bears choose a more aerial approach to maximize Fields and his abilities, keep an eye on Detroit Lions Passing Game Coordinator Tanner Engstrand as a fit in Chicago. You have seen what that Lions offense can do since Ben Johnson took over, but he is paired with Engstrand, who got Jared Goff back on track after a miserable first season in Detroit.

Engstrand has only been around the NFL since 2021, when he started in Detroit. He's spent every season with Johnson, too, learning beneath. These two would be a great pairing in Chicago, where the Bears continue to hold back the reins on Fields. I find it hard that the Lions let go of Johnson at this point, but Engstrand is ready for his first big promotion at the NFL Level.

Perhaps the most experienced option to replace Getsy is also the less flashy of the names Darrell Bevell. The former Seattle Seahawks OC among his stops, and current Miami Dolphins quarterback coach and passing game coordinator, Bevell, knows a thing or two about having successful offenses as he has been one of the best and most consistent offensive minds out there. He also has several games of head coach experience after the Jaguars parted ways with Urban Meyer so he could offer some extra wisdom to Eberflus.

Looking at the Dolphins offense this season, they are one of the highest scoring units in the league, but rank first in passing at 285 yards per game. Bevell is in charge of the passing game, so he deserves a ton of credit for having Tua play at the level he does. When you have his weapons on offense, it does make it easier, but you could make the case that the Bears offense as constructed now is similar minus the speed.

The Bears could have two elite weapons next year, just like the Dolphins do if they were to draft Marvin Harrison Jr. to come to play alongside D.J. Moore. That, alone, should be reason enough to hire Bevell. Think of the possibilities with those two as your top weapons for Fields and what Fields could become as a QB. It is exciting to think about, and it will be a decision that Poles will have to face this offseason.

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