NFL Network analysts on trade scenarios for No. 1 overall pick
Williams is the frontrunner for the No. 1 overall pick (Jason Parkhurst - USA Today Sports)

NFL Network analysts on trade scenarios for No. 1 overall pick

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With the start of the NFL Combine this past Thursday, there was some talk in Indianapolis about what the Bears are willing to trade the No. 1 overall pick in the draft for, adding to the swirling body of rumors that they are going to trade quarterback Justin Fields.

Reporting live from the Combine, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport stated the Bears are looking for a “historic” haul if they are going to trade the No. 1 overall pick. Furthermore, he stated that there does not currently appear to be a team willing to pay that price or even with the ability to pay the price Chicago currently has on the pick.

If that is the case, then in all likelihood, they are working on trading Fields to acquire USC quarterback Caleb Williams with that first pick. Among speculators, a common trade destination for Fields has been the Atlanta Falcons since they are greatly in need of a quarterback, Fields is from the area, and Falcons’ head coach Raheem Morris stating that Atlanta needs a quarterback who is “the best fit for our city” when speaking at the Combine.

As it gets closer to the NFL Draft, perhaps the Bears will realize they need to lower their asking price for the No. 1 overall pick if they have any interest in trading it. Daniel Jeremiah offered some scenarios where the Bears could trade the pick and still get an elite quarterback if that is the route they choose to go.

First, there is the possibility of trading down one spot with the Washington Commanders. In this trade, Chicago would give them the No. 1 overall pick in exchange for the No. 2 overall pick, their third-round selection at No. 67 overall, their fifth-round selection at No. 138 overall and their first round pick in 2025.

This is a lot of value for the Bears. With the No. 2 overall pick, they could select either quarterback Jayden Daniels from LSU or quarterback Drake Maye from North Carolina; they could even select wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr if they wanted to. This would also give them more late-round picks as they would have two picks in the first, third, fourth and fifth rounds. The Commanders are also not expected to be a contender in the 2024 season, making that first-round pick in 2025 a potentially very high pick.

However, they would get a little better selection in a trade with the New England Patriots.

In that scenario, Chicago would trade the No. 1 overall pick in exchange for the No. 3 overall pick, their second round pick at No. 34 overall, their first round pick in 2025 and their third round pick in 2026. While the value of the third-rounder in 2026 is hard to gauge the value of given how far away that is, Chicago currently does not have a second round pick as they traded it to the Commanders to acquire edge rusher Montez Sweat.

Further, the Patriots have a lot of problems that need to be solved, and with a new head coach for the first time since 2000, there are a lot of questions about how that team is going to look.

Nonetheless, they certainly do not appear to be a contender, especially in a division where they have to play Tua Tagovailoa, Josh Allen, and Aaron Rodgers twice a season. This first-round pick could even turn into the No. 1 overall pick for 2025.

At No. 3 overall, Chicago could still select a high-level quarterback in Daniels or Maye, depending on who the Commanders would select at No. 2 overall. Again, Chicago could go for Harrison Jr who promises to be a generational talent.

Whatever the Bears are going to do with the No. 1 overall pick hinges on what they do with Fields.

Jeremiah stated that the certain feeling is Chicago will trade Fields. If the Bears plan to do that, then it would make sense for them to do so before the new league year starts on March 13. Still, they could take this all the way to draft day on April 25.

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