Should Bears trade for DK Metcalf, reunite with Shane Waldron?
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Should Bears trade for DK Metcalf, reunite with Shane Waldron?

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CHICAGO - There are about a million scenarios of what the Bears could do in the offseason. One scenario that has been floated is the idea that Chicago could trade with the Seattle Seahawks for wide receiver DK Metcalf.

At first glance, this makes sense. Metcalf played for a number of years with Chicago’s new offensive coordinator, Shane Waldron, and thus knows his offensive scheme. Bringing in an elite player who knows the offense is certainly a benefit and something that could help the learning curve for the rest of the offense.

Metcalf is also one of the better receivers in the NFL and had over 1,000 yards receiving for the third time in his five-year career. The pairing of DJ Moore and DK Metcalf would be one of the best receiver duos in the league and certainly benefit whoever the starting quarterback is next season.

Getting a receiver like Metcalf also serves to help Moore because with two elite receiver threats, in addition to tight end Cole Kmet, a defense can only double-team so many players. That would always have the advantage of leaving someone open, particularly going against teams that like to blitz. Having another big body in the end zone can open up opportunities for both of them and help the Bears increase their red zone efficiency, as well as just getting to the red zone.

One problem with a trade instead of a free agency pickup, such as Mike Evans if he becomes available, is that Chicago must give up some picks and potential players for a receiver like Metcalf, given the wide receiver market. Nonetheless, given his current contract, he is getting paid a lesser base salary than other receivers are and thus making this more feasible. However, this may have to happen on quick timing, with his salary for 2024 becoming fully guaranteed on February 16. Since the Bears are not showing their hand on their offseason or draft plans, this is perhaps a sign this trade will not happen.

Another reason for this trade not to happen is culture. Chicago is very much a team that is looking to establish a culture in their locker room and right now, that is something they have done. The players care about each other and the team, but at the same time are disciplined as they do not get fined very often or have any kinds of discipline issues. Metcalf is not that kind of player.

Since the 2020 season, Metcalf has gotten fined 12 times for a total of $173,277 with almost half of those fines coming this past season. While three of these are for excessive celebration, the other nine typically involve unsportsmanlike conduct and fighting. There has also been some controversy about his true intentions behind learning American Sign Language (ASL) about whether he really wants to learn about the deaf community or find another way to trash-talk players. Perhaps he believes that is a way to avoid getting fined.

Regardless of the ASL controversy, he is probably not the kind of player the Bears want in their locker room as they continue their rebuild with younger players. It does not appear that he would positively contribute to the overall environment and culture, and thus, his individual talent would be worth it.

There are other receiver options to pursue and ones that will not impact the culture in this manner.

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