Top NFL analyst thinks Bears should trade with Panthers
BearsHQ took part in a recent conference call with Jeremiah

Top NFL analyst thinks Bears should trade with Panthers

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The Bears are in a strong position with the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft and odds are, they are going to use that pick to get more draft capital. NFL Analyst Daniel Jeremiah detailed the possibility for Chicago in trading with the Texans, the Colts, and the Panthers.

“If you look at those trades - trade-ups for quarterbacks, usually when you look at the trade chart, it’s about 120%, give or take, in terms of the trade chart value. You have to pay a premium if you are going to come up for a quarterback, which is great news there for the Bears,” Jeremiah said. “So if you are just going to go back to pick No. 2, you’re going to get the second pick, the 33rd pick, and next year’s two. That would be the trade you would have with the Texans.”

The upside of trading with Houston is that Chicago would still have their choice between Jalin Carter out of Georgia and Will Anderson out of Alabama, who are highly regarded as the defensive prospects in the draft. This is because the Texans if they were to trade up, are most likely going to draft quarterback Bryce Young; any team that trades up with the Bears is most likely pursuing Young.

“If you go to 4, (you would) have to give up a fourth-round pick … in 2024 as well as the No. 1 overall pick,” Jeremiah continued. “You would get No. 4 overall, No. 35 overall, and a first-round pick in ‘24 and a second-round pick in ‘24.”

While this scenario would involve Chicago losing a 4th round pick next season. But, they would get a lot of draft capital out of this deal. Most likely, someone will have drafted either Carter or Anderson by the time the Bears are on the clock if they were to trade with the Colts. However, one of them would still be available, and they are both elite prospects that would help Alan Williams and his defensive unit improve.

“If you want to go all the way to 9, you are going to get the ninth pick, you are going to get the 39th pick, and get a first round in ‘24 and a first round in ‘25,” Jeremiah concluded. “If you ask me what I would do, I would be hoping the Carolina Panthers want to pay that price. I’ll go to 9, and I’ll take all those first-round picks, and let’s go try and fill some of these needs.”

All of the draft capital that the Bears would acquire from the Panthers is certainly tempting. The major downside to this is that Chicago would not be able to get Carter or Anderson, as they most likely will have already been drafted. Other top defensive talents, such as Tyree Wilson out of Texas Tech and Myles Murphy out of Clemson, would most likely be gone by the No. 9 pick as well. But, Jeremiah thinks that with all of the other needs the Bears have, it is worth it.

“As bad as the Bears' defense is, you’ve got to give Justin Fields some help here going forward,” Jeremiah explained. “If they traded all the way down to 9, I would think they’re probably trading themselves into their choice, dealer’s choice of offensive linemen at that point in time.”

Offensive lineman Peter Skoronski out of Northwestern would be the top offensive lineman for the Bears to get, according to Jeremiah. While he played at the tackle position in college, his size and skills lead many analysts to think that he will move to guard once in the NFL. Chicago is greatly in need of help at offensive line, and they could surely use a guard. Further, the Bears were ranked No. 28 in total offense last season (although they were No. 24 in scoring offense). It is certainly true that they need major help on the defense, but they need just the same level of help on the offensive side of the ball to make sure Fields does not get sacked 55 times again next season.

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