Vegas odds for Bears-Packers
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Vegas odds for Bears-Packers

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Usually, the team that finishes with the worst record in the NFL is not favored to win their season opener. However, that is exactly the position betters are in for the Bears’ season opener against their rival, the Green Bay Packers.

By just a single point, the Bears are favored to beat the Packers in the season opener. The over/under is set at 43 points. Still, BetMGM believes the Packers will win this game with 54% confidence. Clearly, this is a hard call for betters, given how close the odds are.

The Bears do seem to have more talent on offense going into this season. While the top wide receiver for the Packers is Christian Watson, who is just coming off of his rookie campaign, the Bears secured receiver DJ Moore in a trade in the offseason, giving them the advantage at that position. Quarterback Justin Fields also has more experience than quarterback Jordan Love since Love has only started one regular season game up until this matchup.

Therefore, it would appear to be the safer bet to bet on the Bears to win. They have the superior offense, and neither team looks like they are going to have an elite defense this season. If the trend from the second half of last season continues for Chicago, which it looks like it will be based on the offseason chemistry between Moore and Fields, the offense should also put up a good amount of points. Thus, the over would make more sense in this game.

For anytime touchdown scorers, Fields has the best odds to score a touchdown at some point during the game, according to BetMGM. The Bears should have a strong offense and he is always going to utilize his legs. This seems like a solid bet for bettors to make. Another bet fans could make would be on running back Khalil Herbert to score in this game. Chicago has always been a rushing team, and even if the offseason upgrades, it does not appear that they will change from this pattern.

Some keys to the game for things to go the way Bears fans want them to are to not have any turnovers, especially fumbles because the Packers typically win when they force at least one fumble. Furthermore, when the turnover margin is at least two in favor of the opposing team, the Packers are winless. This would surely seem like a good sign for bettors rooting for Chicago.

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